Cloud Application Education Institutes

School and colleges are one ideal place for deployment of the Cloud based solutions. It help school and colleges to provide students the best benefits.

What are the cloud solutions available for education institute?

  • School software (billing, admin, student management) solution from remote server hosting
  • No need to costly IT resources ( IT staff, hardware upgrade, security etc)
  • Cloud based education sources can be access from any location
  • students can take advantage of education resources
  • Students reports and their progress can be viewed reviewed online

What are the cloud benefit in terms of costing?

  • No need to spend on desktop/ laptop/ physical server resources
  • Deploy thin client solutions for lab settings
  • Increase resources as you need only
  • flexible monthly payment system

Lab setup

Lab setup using thin client G4-N

what is the benefits of using thin client based lab setup?

  • It take less time to setup lab using cloud based thin client solution
  • No large space or hall is need for lab as desktop space is reduced
  • Easy to shift to other locations
  • Lab thin client can be used to easily shifted to admin or library as requirement
Lab using thin client solution

Tentative costing

The cost of the solution includes following;

ParticularsCost per unitTotal
MonitorRs. 8000
KeyboardRs. 500
MouseRs. 500
Thin client
Rs. 8000

Cost of ownership: Rs. 17000

Monthly costing for cloud hosting: (2GB VCPU and 8GB RAM total: Rs. 5000 Excluding vat