Saanobox Cloud Solutions 

With the enablement of Cloud Tech, the desktop computing has taken a major leap. The power of desktop computing is no longer depend on the physical limitation of table desktop. We can now have an infinite computing power, variable core processing capacity, RAM capacity and unlimited storage.

Three models of Saanobox Cloud solutions are as follows;

  1. Small Cloud Desktop Solution
  2. Medium Cloud Desktop Solution
  3. Large Desktop Cloud Solution

Small desktop cloud solution

Small desktop cloud solution


Medium desktop cloud solution

Color/ MaterialBlack
Power/ Power ComputationDC 5V 3A 10W
SystemNative system Linux
Server SystemWindows 7/ Windows 10/
Resolution1920X1000,; 1200X720
I/O PortsGigabit Ethernet port,4*USB2.0,1*USB3.0,1*MIC,1*SPK
Client sideRDP8.0,RDP8.1,RDP 10.0-10.6

How is the smart desktop cloud solution or thinclient works?

  1. Thinclinet cannot work as stand alone PC. It requires a server to connect with. All thinclients must login to this server by RDP or remote desktop protocol. All the thin clients login to server will share all resources of the server.
  2. Thin client need to connect with Monitor, keyboard and mouse
  3. Thin client need settings on server to be connected to.
  4. Thin client needs internet/ intranet connection to work with.
  5. It can be connected to private as well as public cloud.
  6. Thin client can be best option for computer labs, smart classroom, library, office, call centers, customer support centers etc