Saanobox G4 Thin Client

A reliable and fast thin client device for your any workloads. Saanobox G4 is best suitable solution for medium office that need a frequent work requirement. The tangible benefits of Saanobox G4 can be listed as follow;

  1. No need to invest big CAPEX investment in physical desktop for your staff
  2. Increase the computing capacity connecting with cloud
  3. Secure than the standalone desktop as security is managed by cloud provider
  4. Low IT budget as no need of high skilled IT personals
  5. Low chance of data getting lost or stolen as your all data is stored in cloud
  6. Pay as you service – Pay for only what you need instead of large spend on infrastructure
  7. Solution details
    • 1080P video play
    • Easy to deploy and maintain
    • Centralized Management software
    • LOW Total cost of Ownership
    • Excellent user expereince
    • Local service support

Saanobox G4 Thin client

Product Specification of Saanobox G4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Saanobox G4 Port details

Deployment of Saanobox G4

  • A thin client cannot work as a standalone PC.
  • Thin client requires a server connectivity and internet connection
  • All thin client need to connect with server from RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connection
  • Remote thin client server or cloud server shares the resources to the thin client
  • Thin client need monitor, keyboard, and mouse